Analysis: Lenders Aggressively Going after Money Lost in Foreclosures

State Laws. In Florida, your mortgage lender cannot go after funds held in a Roth IRA; you can be convicted of fraud, however, if you move money to the account simply to hide it from your creditors. Other states such as New Mexico have no laws in place to protect IRA funds from mortgage lenders and other creditors.

Now more than a year after the house was sold at a. What was so tough about going through a foreclosure was not so much the financial loss and the seemingly endless calls to lenders and lawyers,

Oregon is receiving $88 million in federal money to help prevent foreclosures and expects to have. or pay significant financial penalties after they have been unemployed or lost income for a period.

loans between 2004 and 2008, 2.7 million households, or 6.4 percent, had already lost their homes to foreclosure as of February 2011.3 Strikingly, an additional 8.3 percent-3.6 million households-were still at immediate, serious risk of losing their homes.

The lender would much rather see you sell the property than be forced to take the property through foreclosure, as foreclosure is a costly and time-consuming process. Contact your mortgage lender to discuss what it can do to assist you in selling through a short sale, and what are its procedures and requirements.

Foreclosure usually ends with the sale of the property at an auction. The highest bidder is the new owner of the property, but if no one shows up or bids high enough, the foreclosing bank becomes.

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When the public at last figures this out. What about the troubled lenders? busted and troubled lenders? Who is going to finance borrowers who have no credit, no extra money, and no jobs in a.

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 · National Foreclosure Settlement Update: States Shouldn’t Divert Funds from Prevention The “robo-signing” settlement agreement can help resolve our nation’s foreclosure crisis – but only if the money negotiated for foreclosure prevention is actually spent on lawyers and housing counselors who help families stay in their homes.

Lenders gaining speed in going after commercial foreclosures.. business of lending money and not in the business of managing property," said John Delikanakis, an attorney with Snell & Wilmer.