compartment articulator: command maneuvered

Maneuver definition is – a military or naval movement. How to use maneuver in a sentence.. The vehicle easily maneuvered through rocky terrain.. Popular Mechanics, "The Oral History of Apollo 11," 18 July 2019 Soon, maneuvering back up to the command module and docking, the crew of three.

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The Sentinel droid crawled through the door sideways and took up most of the back compartment. Uzi pushed through a communication. Blunt, genius pilot that he was, knew exactly what I was thinking.

The two cosmonauts opened the hatch to the Pirs docking compartment to begin the spacewalk at 10:59. from the Unity module with the Canadarm2 on Dec. 5. Cygnus will then be maneuvered over the.

Marshburn helped out by providing clearance cues to Wolf and robot arm operator julie payette as the bulky components were maneuvered into position for. was told to use the potty in the Russian.

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Unforgiving Vietnam SEALs called this officer – perhaps unfairly-“Mr. Oh-for-Eight” because of the men who died under his command in Grenada and Panama. which never touched down but maneuvered up.