Equitable Mortgage Doctrine In Florida

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A recent decision from the Fourth District Court of Appeal is a reminder that Florida’s homestead protection, while often viewed as sacrosanct, is not absolute. In Flinn v. Doty, Case Nos. 4D15-2424 and 4D15-3481, the Court upheld an equitable lien on the appellant’s homestead property with respect to claims that the mortgage on the property [.]

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The researchers concluded that, by 2045 (roughly the span of a current 30-year mortgage), about 64,000 residential properties in Florida could experience. coordinated and equitable solutions – or.

Equitable versus legal title. At common law equitable title is the right to obtain full ownership of property, where another maintains legal title to the property.. When a contract for the sale of land is executed, equitable [interest/title] passes to the buyer. When the conditions on the sale contract have been met, legal title passes to the buyer in what is known as closing.

A similar question, although not exactly on point, was answered by a Florida Court in the case Monte de Oca. insured not been insured at the time of the loss. Without the equitable doctrine of.

For instance, assume a debtor owns a piece of real property secured by a mortgage. doctrine into a plan. No Payment in Excess of Allowed Claim While Section 1129(b)(2) sets forth specific standards.

In Florida, since mortgage foreclosure lawsuits are considered equitable proceedings, (See – Cross v. Federal Nat’l Mtg. Ass’n, 359 So.2d 464 (Fla. 4th DCA 1978)) , one of the most common equitable defenses in Florida jurisprudence is the doctrine of "unclean hands."

Equitable Estoppel. equitable estoppel, sometimes known as estoppel in pais, protects one party from being harmed by another party’s voluntary conduct. voluntary conduct may be an action, silence, Acquiescence, or concealment of material facts. One example of equitable estoppel due to a party’s acquiescence is found in Lambertini v.

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Estoppel, sometimes referred to as equitable estoppel, is an Affirmative Defense. The party raising estoppel must prove its elements by clear and convincing evidence. The elements of estoppel are: The party against whom estoppel is sought must have made a representation about a material fact that is contrary to a position it later asserts;