Florida foreclosures up 35 percent in July

How to Refinance Mortgages in Florida: A Consumer’s Guide – New Florida Mortgage The Second Amended Complaint also alleges other violations of the FCCPA – that MERS failed to register as a collection agency as required by Florida law (¶¶ 26(b) 43), failed to obtain a license for mortgage lending prior to performing mortgage lending services (¶ 26(c)), collected consumer debts without first registering as a Florida debt.

The company counted 1,396 foreclosure filings last month. While the year-over-year number was down, Palm Beach County foreclosures were up 32 percent from June, RealtyTrac says. Florida, meanwhile, remains the nationwide king of foreclosures, with 22,000 filings in July – twice as many as California.

The real estate market in Southwest Florida stumbled, fell and hit rock bottom in 2008.. foreclosure files during court with Judge James Thompson on Thursday, July 2, full time on foreclosures, handling up to 4,000 in a single month. property the inspector general said was overvalued by 35 percent.

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The median sales price for luxury condos rose by 9.8 percent to nearly $1.29 million. For single-family homes, sale prices were up 35 percent to.

More than 35 percent of all foreclosures are concentrated in the following states: Florida Georgia Michigan Ohio Texas The highest rate of serious mortgage delinquency is not found in the five states listed above; the state with the most troubling rate of mortgage payments happens to be New Jersey, followed by New York and Mississippi.

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Foreclosure Timeline. zThe housing boom was underway by late FY 2002-03 and clearly in place by FY 2003-04. The peak occurred during FY 2005-06. zBy the summer of 2006, existing home prices began to fall, and owners started to experience negative wealth effects from the price deceleration

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What the Heck’s going on with Foreclosures? Why this Spike?. but this nationwide decrease is covering up what is now happening in 28 states and Washington D.C., I was curious to know what the reason for the foreclosures are by percentage. And what is the percentage the taxpayer owns.

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The U.S. foreclosure pre-sale inventory rose to 0.57 percent in July, up by 0.73 percent from June but down by more than 27 percent from a year ago. Black Knight noted though starts rose nationwide, foreclosure referrals in hurricane-affected areas of Texas increased by a higher-than-average 19 percent.

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