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Florida banks beware: A new twist on claims against negligent appraisers JEREMY colvin litigation trends OCT 17, 2017 It is common practice for a banking or lending institution to retain an independent appraiser to inspect, evaluate, and appraise residential or commercial real property that will serve as collateral before committing to a new.

Then, on the day of the foreclosure trial, the Bank arrived with a notice of voluntary dismissal of the foreclosure lawsuit. The Bis’ were glad the case was dismissed, but they wanted to get their costs covered by the bank. So, the Bis’ filed a request with the Florida judge that the Bank be forced to pay both their legal fees and costs.

Property owners who would like to appeal their property tax assessments are faced with two choices in Florida – they can file a petition to the county value adjustment board or they can file a lawsuit in circuit court.

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Federal Judge dismisses lawsuit accusing Zillow of Conducting Appraisal Without License. August 25, 2017. At the time of publication a lawsuit was pending against Zillow accusing the website of violating Illinois law by conducting appraisals without a license. The Plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Taking a Property Tax Dispute to Court June 3, 2010 – Sherri Johnson With the Value Adjustment Board process winding down in most Florida counties, many taxpayers and some Property Appraisers are now contemplating whether to take the next step of filing a lawsuit in circuit court.

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