Greenlight Re Seeks Recovery in Mortgage Market After Construction, Vehicle, Florida Losses

Greenlight Re Seeks Recovery in Mortgage Market After Construction, Vehicle, Florida Losses Miramar Beach, FL – Alterra Home Loans Here’s an odd side effect of south florida. miramar and Cooper City, where one six-bedroom rental is worth $500,000. In Palm Beach County, housing advocates say the section 8 inventory has expanded.Solar Impulse.

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David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital Re Ltd., the reinsurer seeking to reverse underwriting losses, is pushing into the mortgage-guaranty market after being burned by fraudulent claims on property.

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(a) A policy or endorsement providing that any loss that is repaired or replaced will be adjusted on the basis of replacement costs to the dwelling not exceeding policy limits, rather than actual cash value, but not including costs necessary to meet applicable laws and ordinances regulating the construction, use, or repair of any property or requiring the tearing down of any property.

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Quoted market prices in active markets are the best evidence of fair value and shall be used as the basis for the measurement, if available. If a quoted market price is available, the fair value is the product of the number of trading units times market price.

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