Slow Motion Train Wrecks

The train-wreck happens when these employees lose their sense of reality and make decisions with their new-found level of authority by going too far and doing whatever they want.

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A slow-motion train wreck is still a train wreck. Whether it ever gets categorized as a "recession" by officials is immaterial. All throughout last year, it should be noted, the US jobs report remained elevated at least compared with 2017’s.

The slow-motion train wreck unofficially began midway through the third quarter. Some 45 minutes later, it was all over; the Falcons had blown a 28-3 lead on the NFL’s biggest stage, against the NFL’s.

‘Slow-motion train wreck’: businesses slam dearth of policies in budget to address U.S. threat Canadian firms are sounding off against Ottawa’s failure to introduce policies in its latest budget. A slow-motion train wreck is still a train wreck. Whether it ever gets categorized as a "recession" by officials is immaterial.

Dems fear ‘slow-motion train wreck’ in midterms. By Thomas Lifson. The smarter Dems in Congress are catching on that Trump-hatred anchors their party to ending the Trump Boom. Hand them the.

train wreck or a steep fall (hopefully not) – you have noticed that time seems to slow down. You witness your personal jeopardy in slow motion. A memorable example of this is the film The Matrix, in.

"We’re watching this slow-motion train wreck as we’re dithering on policy," said Ian Dundas, the president and CEO of Enerplus Corp, which produces oil in both Canada and the U.S. Dundas said his company’s budget is 20 per cent larger in 2018 than 2017, and all excess spending will be ploughed into its U.S. asset base.

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"I realized once the windows started shattering and people started flying, that this was a crash. slow motion. "People were flying in the air.. As that was happening, I just crawled into a ball.