What Did Typical Florida Home Buyers & Sellers Look Like in 2012?

Sellers may feel like they are being "nickeled and dimed", but a savvy seller will not let a good deal get away over a few hundred dollars of tedious repairs. A buyer purchasing a home in great condition should also not get hung up on a list of minor items if the house is a fair deal.

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The inspection period is a negotiated time frame in which buyers have the opportunity to conduct their due-diligence on the property. The purpose is to give the buyers a "free look," so to speak. If the buyers don’t like what they see, they can re-negotiate the terms of the contract, or cancel the contract altogether and have their earnest money returned without penalty.

What More Millennial Home Buyers Means for Sellers. Here are three important words: Know your buyer. Millennials are internet savvy and do their research before house shopping. They look for: Easy online shopping. The home search starts online for millennials, so you need to make the best possible impression on the internet.

But when I did the research, I found that although the months I thought were good, I found even better times to buy a house or condo in Florida. What I mean by better is that sellers were willing to take even less money for their homes than any other month of the year. You May Be Interested in the Article: How to Pick a Lot for a New Home

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Why You Need to Know Where Florida Real Estate Prices are Heading Before You Buy or Sell. If you are thinking of selling your home in the state you now live so you can buy a home or condo in Florida, knowing exactly where the Florida real estate market is now and where it’s heading is extremely important.

Every year, NAR surveys recent home buyers and sellers to learn more about their experience with the process: what motivated them to make a transition, where they found their agent, and how it worked for them. The result is the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, and the 2012 edition was released last week during the annual conference.